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 Now Appearing! 'Now Gone'...... Several pages of familiar local neon signs that quietly disappeared over the last twenty-five years of my documenting them. These are signs that were scrapped or altered beyond recognition. Keep checking back as I add more photos with comments to the "Now Gone..." pages.

S. Hiken was a Baltimore-based chain which at one time had over a dozen locations. This 5' by 9' porcelain neon 'swinger' graced their flagship store, at Baltimore St. and Broadway. Built in 1954 to compliment its sleek new contemporary storefront, I removed it in 2002 as the last of the chain was sold. The logo portion was backlit with cold-catherode tubes, and features a cigarette-smoking gentelman. Built by triangle Signs.

After 62 years of service, The Carrollton Bank sign was removed from their former headquaters at 1201 W. Baltimore st, Baltimore. Measuring 20" by 30', the sign is trimmed in stamped lead framing. Built by Claude Neon signs.The Carrolton still serves the area with several locations.

UPDATE: It was announced in May 2012 That the 99-year old Carrollton Bank and its 10 branches will be acquired by Bay Bank of Towson, MD by the end of 2012.

Removal of the Ingelside Cleaners took a good day, a crane and bucket truck. Removed in 2004, this landmark was a beacon at Rt. 40 w and Ingelside Ave., in Catonsville, MD. A Walgreens spelled the end for this beauty.

No threat of a Walgreens here. Now assembled around an old holly tree, this 1952 classic is in all its animated arrow flashing glory. Built by Triangle Signs.

Located next door to the above-pictured Ingelside Cleaners, Walgreens also took the landmark Westview Lounge. (as well as 3 old 1920's bungalows). These 1964 reverse-channel letters illuminate with white neon. The architecture was like a thin slice of Palm Springs in Baltimore. Built by Connelly Signs (a.k.a. Litsinger Signs).

Having made their final animated appearance in the 1982 movie 'DINER', these letters topped off the marquee of the Strand theater in Dundalk, MD. Thought long gone, they were discovered laying on their backs up on the roof in 2001, 16 years after the theater closed. They await careful restoration. Probably built by Claude Neon Signs.

B & W Photo: 1952, Baltimore County Historical Society

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