Signs that got away.....

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Bygone area signs

CLICK ON PICTURES TO ENLARGE.  Some photos were shot 20 or more years ago. They have been enhanced to  improve the clairity. (I was a kid with a 110 camera on my 10 speed bike back then... Bless you, Photoshop!)

1. Arby's - Moravia Park Dr., Baltimore. demolished in 1998 for a McDonald's. The Laurel, MD  Arby's retains its original.

2. Arcade Theater - Harford Rd in Hamilton. Long closed as a theater, marquee held on until 2002.

3.Bel Air Bowl - Rt. 1, Bel Air, MD This 1950's Bowl operated until 2001. Demolished and replaced with new developement.

4.Brooklyn Hardware - Hanover St., S. Balto. Still in business in 2007, 14' hammer collapsed in a windstorm in 2004.

5. Carvel ice Cream - Reisterstown Rd., Pikesville, MD  This late 1950's store closed in 2002. Signs were trashed.

6. China Clipper - 1003 N. Charles St., Balto. Closed in 1993, sign in posession of the owners. The landmark chinese restaurant was named after the large 4-engine amphibious passanger planes. (Thanks to Bill Blonder for the info).

7.Club 602 - Rt. 198 near Fort Meade, MD. Lounge and Liquor store operates under another name today.

8. McInnes Cleaners - Harford Rd., Hamilton. This classic custom porcelain enamel pylon sported great colors and lettering. Long void of neon tubes, the sign was removed in 2011, and replaced with a coin-operated car vacuum.

9.dePENNdable Used Cars. - Quantico Ave. (off Reisterstown Rd., Balto. ) Long closed, a tree grew right through it.