Baltimore Sign Garden

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This site represents a small portion of the collection.

This particular Little Tavern sign adorned the Greenmount Ave. location in Waverly. It lasted until 1992. 3' tall by 6' wide, it was built by Claude Neon Signs.

This porcelain sign has a 'Bulova Watches' neon clock attatched to it (not shown in this photo). Removed for a shopping center remodeling in 1994, The Jeweler is closed in August 2008, after 58 years in business.  5400 Ritchie Hwy, Brooklyn Park, MD. 5' tall by 9' long, it was built by Century Signs.

Located on the now bypassed Veterns Hwy. (old Rt. 3 north), in Millersville, MD, Pumphreys operated for 54 years, closing in 2000. Mrs. Eva Pumphrey passed avay in Nov. 2008. The building now houses a florist. Fabricator unknown.

Left: Hotel Preston, removed from Preston st. near Maryland Ave., in 1997. This 2-sided verticle was across the street fron the Greek Orthadox Church. Fabricator unknown.  Right: Stoney Creek Liquors, Ft. Smallwood Rd, Pasadena, MD 1954. A 14' tall, 2-sided verticle, it once featured animated arrows down the side. Built by Claude Neon Signs. Both restored in 1998.

By 2004, the sign collection had outgrown my home of 14 years, in Pasadena, MD. The move was made in November. It took 12 trips hauling the sign collection on an 18' trailer.

The landmark 750-pound Speedy Valet sign! After 10 years of lobbying the owner for it, it was removed in 2004 from Greenmount Ave. at 21st St, Baltimore. ( The building was razed a year later).  12' tall, 4' wide lower portion,  2-sided porcelain with animated neon, built by Belsinger Signworks, in 1952.