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Wilkens operated as a true pharmacy and fountain, at 1625 Wilkens Ave., until 1986. That year, it became a 'cut-rate' liquor store. This sign was covered over back then with panels advertising the same. In 2006 I replaced it and unveiled the original lettering above. Awaiting new neon tubes, I restored the backlit portion.  At 8' tall and 500 pounds, this porcelain gem was built by Triangle in the early 1950's.

One of the most beloved signs in Baltimore was this 8' round neon record which hung over the sidewalk  on Greenmount Ave. near 32nd street. in Waverly. It contained 8 'nippers' that chased around the perimeter on rotation. Inner neon tubes gave the appearence of the record rotating on a turntable. Offensive to no one, the city ordered it removed in 1985. After 18 years in storage, I acquired it. Well documented in local books and articles, I will tackle the restoration of this half-ton monster this spring. Several of the delicate neon tubes are in storage and operate. Built by Claude Neon Signs about 1952.

This familiar neon ghost graced a vacant lot for a couple of decades. Located on Pulaski Highway between Philadelphia road, It remained for 20 years after the motel had been demolished. Within a year after the owner let me take it, the parcel was developed with a Citgo gas station and store. This 6' tall by 9' long relic dates to the late 1930's. Fabricator unknown.

While very much in business in 2007, The grandson of the founder requested this 1940 Triangle-built sign removed in 2006, for safety reasons. At 25' in length, it was visible headed east on W. Pratt st. at S. Payson. The 4' tall 'hand' was wired for 3-point finger action! It pointed to the Hardware store, across the street at Payson and McHenry St., NW. If you are into old corner hardware stores, don't miss this one. Say hi to Rick Zeskind.

I grew up with this particular clock. One of many I have spotted around the area, this 3' by 4' lighted clock advertised what was once a popular bread. (I only see it now as Hauswald's bread in Weis Markets). Mass-produced, this unit was dated 1963, and remained in the same spot in Glen Burnie until 2004.

Me rescuing the old '1300' WFBR neon units off the transmitter building on Waterview  Ave, in south Balto. I never had a photo of them intact on the wall, as they had fallen off one by one. I knew they were still up there, though. I found them hidden behind the parapet of a lower roof. Sadly, the building was demolished in 2005 as the site, overlooking the Middle Branch, was to be developed into townhouses. Built by Belsinger in 1946.