Modern plastic backlit signs will never compare....

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While a few old neon signs remain.....

most are reaching the end of their life. They will have to be restored, involving upgrading the internal structure and re-wiring. No old ferrus-metal exterior object is exempt from the ultimate toll the elements take. Most old signs, sadly, will not be restored and replaced for economic reasons. Hopefully, somebody like myself will be there to rescue the sign and restore it for future generations to appreciate this early crafted form of electrical advertising.

Luby Chevrolet served Baltimore for almost a half century from its landmark showroom on east Monument street. Used as a set for several period movies (including the films 'Diner' and 'Liberty Heights'), The dealership lasted through 1997. One of the last remaining inner-city car dealerships, the 3 sets of porcelain channel neon letters were removed. One set was retained by the owners. The showroom and letters were from about 1952. The blond brick building was painted pink and a nostalgic glass block tower was added in the early 1980's. It incorporated the old signage and canopy.  The building was standing, vacant,  in September 2007.  Like the neighborhood,  it has seen better days. Fabricator unknown.

The only thing more beaten and tattered then this old neon ghost was the collapsing building it was attatched to. Located on west North Avenue in Baltimore, I shuddered watching children play on the sidewalk under this rusting 200 pound, 5' by 5' hulk. When the building finally came down in 2002, I rescued the sign. I removed several metal overlays to reveal the original lettering. It is an interesting sign from the days of segregated shopping, identifing a business in a district that served the minorities downtown stores would not. Awaiting restoration. Fabricator unknown.

An emergency service call for the removal of a falling sign landed us this old neon ghost.  Located in the 3900 block of Falls Rd., It was lettered for an exterminating company. Upon removal of aluminum overlays on the 4' by 9' swinger, the original lettering was revealed. 'Electric Refridgeration Sales & Service'.  The interesting building it was removed from had been a power station for the long gone streetcar line. Awaiting restoration. Fabricated by Belsinger Signworks.

This well-known landmark graced the Dutch Mill Lounge, on Harford Rd. near Northern Parkway. Delighting everyone with its aninated spinning neon windmill blades, the club had been vacant with a collapsed roof by 2006. Upon restoration, it was revealed the 'Lounge' portion originally was lettered 'Shuffel Board Centre'. The signs last claim to fame was its appearance in John Waters' 2006 film 'A Dirty Shame'. (actress Tracy Ullman is seen running under the lit sign). Fabricated by Phillips Signs.

This small but noticable vernacular identified what was once known as 'The Living Room'. Located on Liberty street at W. Fayette, it was an emergency removal on a vacant building. Once removed, it was discovered to be a 2-sided sign which once projected over the sidewalk. One set of triple-stroke, red neon was intact. Oddly, the then rusty sign would be glowing at night even though the bar had been boarded up for years. Fabricator unknown.

This 3' by 6' 2-sided swinger hung off the NW corner of Conkling and Dillon Streets, 50' away from the Conkling Pleasure Club sign (elsewhere on this site). Painted over in black when removed, The original copy was revealed when the paint was stripped. A few blocks to the NW of this sign, another Winterling's was the popular German restaurant, at Foster Ave. and East street. It closed in 1999 after 72 years in business. Awaiting restoration. Fabricated by Triangle Signs.